It’s the “While You're Away”Lifesaver.

Now you
can prevent costly
water leak damage
with the
flip of a switch.

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What is Water Off Exactly?

Water Off is a people-friendly, easy-to-use system engineered to be easily installed. The system includes an electrically-actuated valve, a control box and a sending unit. That's it. A plumber installs the valve onto your water pipe at the point where the water enters your home. A small wire is run to a control box which is mounted near a standard electrical outlet. Then anywhere in your home you simply plug the sending unit into a standard electrical outlet. When you flip the switch down the valve closes which turns the water off. To turn the water back on you merely flip the switch up. Off. On. It's that easy.

Who installs Water Off?

We recommend using a licensed plumber to install Water Off. Installation generally takes just 1 to 1-1/2 hours.

Do hot water re-circulating pump(s) affect how I use Water Off?

Yes. You must turn off all hot water re-circulating pump(s) in your home when you turn your water off with Water Off. This is necessary to prevent any damage to the re-circulating pump(s).
HOT EXTRA: Water Off is available with an add-on which will turn the pump(s) off simultaneously when you turn the water off.

Will I have wires from Water Off showing inside my home?

No. the sending unit requires no wires. It is simply placed anywhere in your home where there is a standard elctrical outlet. Existing house wiring is used to communicate with the valve.

When should I plan to use Water Off?

Anytime you want the extra peace of mind. We suggest using it when you know your home will be vacant for any length of time - it could be a weekend or a year. It's up to you.

What happens when the power goes off?

Nothing happens. Water Off keeps working. Power outages happen and Water Off remains either On or Off. However you last left it.

How much does it cost for installation?

The cost for a typical installation is approximately $100 to $200.

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